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Dayal Bagh Temple

Dayal Bagh Temple

A famous temple located towards the north of Agra city, Dayal Bagh is a sacred place. It constitutes an extension of the city. It also forms peripheral areas of Agra and has a good influence of the city. Dayal Bagh temple is among the popular travel destinations in Agra. The place is pious to the followers of Radha Swami faith. It also holds the place where the last rites of Swamiji Maharaj, a revered spiritual teacher among Hindus were executed.

Lies 15 km from city center, this is another famous tourist attraction of Agra. It was also the memorial of Shiv Dayal Sahib who was the founder of the Radhasoami Satsang movement. He initiated this religious organization in 1861.

Dayalbagh is a popular pilgrimage and travel site in India because it gives specimen of various architectural styles that can be seen in temples, church, gurudwaras, mosques and viharas. The memorial is 110 feet high and it has imposing pillars and is built of pure white marble. The marble structure of the destination is known for its fine pietra dura inlay work on the inner walls.

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Shiv Dayal Sahib, called as Soami Maharaj by his followers was the first of the Guru's or religious leaders of the Radhasoami sect. He is honored at this majestic memorial. The garden is also thronged by innumerable tourists because of its serene ambiance and secular establishments.

Treat your eyes with the outstanding artistic work at Dayal Bagh temple!



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