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Popularly known as 'Brajbhoomi', Mathura is a birth-place of Lord Krishna, set on the western bank of river Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh.This beauteous city is about 3000 years old and is the centre of Indian culture and civilisation. Apart from the Hindu religion this place is the extremely-honoured by the Buddhists, Jain and Brahmanical as well.

Mathura may be divided into two units such as the eastern part and the western part which are separated by the River Yamuna. The western side of Mathura includes the region of Nandgaon, Vrindavan, Barsana and Govardhan. While the eastern side of Mathura covers regions like Baldeo, Mahavan, Bajna and Mat.

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The city of Brijbhoomi is an important place of pilgrimage in the country visited by huge number devotees from several parts of the globe. The mystical appearance of this city lies in its long expansion of beauteous ghats, arched gateways and the temple extending along the right bank of the River Yamuna.

There are numerous tourist attractions in Mathura and the most important sites are the divine temples and the shrines built here.

Tourist attractions in Mathura

Shri Krishna Janma Bhoomi

This is one of the most famous attractions of Mathura far-famed as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. He is the most revered Indian deity and is one of the important characters of the Indian epic, the Mahabharata. The temple complex has a prison cell inside, where Vasudeva and Devaki, parents of Sri Krishna was held imprisoned during Mahabharata time. 

This is the cell, where Lord Sri Krishna was born. It is the most-divine place in the world for all the followers of Sri Krishna. There is also a museum inside the temple that shows various antique statues that were unveiled in the neighbouring areas which assist this fact.

Dwarkadheesh Temple

This is another favourite attraction of this place set near to the River Yamuna. Dwarkadheesh Temple was built in 1814 and is far-famed for its architectural splendour, intricate carving and the precise paintings. During the festive occasion of Holi, Janmashthami and Diwali, this temple is decorated on an impressive scale. The temple also has the images of his loved consort Radha and many other gods along with the idol of Lord Krishna. Darshana timing of the temple appear between 7 am to 8 pm on all days around the year.

Gita Temple

This is another popular temple of this place, built by the Birla group. Gita Temple is famous across the world for its Bhagavad Gita inscription on the walls of the temple. The intricate carvings and paintings render the leading attractions of this temple. Sanctum of the temple is adorned with a beauteous idol of the lord Krishna, escorted by Lakshmi Narayana, Rama and Sita.

Government Museum

This museum was established in the year 1874 and is far-famed for its huge effort in the field of arts. The Government Museum brings out some of the unequalled artefacts to Mathura school of Paintings. This museum shows the affluent cultural heritage of the city through its assemblage of precise sculpture of Kushanas, gold, copper & silver coins, terracotta works, clay models, ancient pottery and the paintings.

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This city is known for its ghats. Now the city has about twenty five ghats, and each of the ghats is connected to Lord Krishna in one way or the other . It is said that devotees must visit all these ghats so that they can end their Mathura pilgrimage. Ghats in the northern region are illustrious as Vishram Ghats and ghats in the southern region called as Moksha ghats.

Kusum Sarovar

Kusum Sarovar is another popular attraction of Mathura visited by huge number of tourists during their visit to this place. This is really a 450 foot long tank that dates to the era of Lord Krishna. The depth of this pond is 60 feet and has number of stairs from all sides. It is said that Kusum Sarovar is the place, where Gopis or milkmaids used to pick flowers for the lord Krishna. The place is a high-grade swimming spot in the Brij region till date.

Raja Bharatpur's Palace

This is a regal mansion noted across the world for its superior edifice and the craftsmanship of the past era. The architectural structure of this palace symbolises as the clear mixture of Rajput and Mughal style of design, decorations and constructions. The central hall of this palace is regenerated into a museum, where visitors may perceive the royal artefacts of the past era. Some of these artefacts belong to 2nd century which roll up the attractiveness of golden era.

Mathura is among the most-visited holiday destination of India owing to the interwoven attractiveness of nature, religion and culture. Some of the other well-known attractions to this place are Bihariji Temple, Govinda Dev Mandir, Jama Masjid, Krishna Balaram Mandir, Mathura Jain Chorasi, Yamuna Bagh and many more.

When to Visit Mathura

The ideal time to visit Mathura is during the winter season between the months of October and March because summers are mostly hot and winters are cool.

Mathura Cuisine

In Mathura, travellers may taste mixtures of appetising food. However, the favourite foods of Mathura are lassi, sweetened hot milk, milk Badam and Thandai. Here various forms of sweetmeat balls, especially ‘Peda’ is available in Mathura. Pedas of Mathura are far-famed all over the country availing its different kinds.

Mathura Shopping

As a spiritual town, Mathura falls far-famed across the world for its religious and holy products.  There are many shops selling to different kinds of religious and holy objects. The best shopping places of Mathura are set near the Dwarkadheesh Temple and Tilak Dwar.

Mathura Accommodations

Mathura gets a large number of worshipper as well as tourists throughout the year from various parts of the world. There are several classes of hotel availing according to the budget and preferences of tourists.

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How to Reach Mathura

By Air: The nearest airport from Mathura is 60 kms. away at Kheria in Agra. This airport is linked well with all the major domestic airlines.

By Rail: The city is well-connected with the various parts of India with several express and super fast trains within various parts of India.

By Road: The city is well linked to all the major cities in Uttar Pradesh and India too through a network of State and National Highways. Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation provides several buses to the adjacent cities.

Mathura, home to Lord Krishna, is the most visited tourist attraction of North India.



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